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Commercial Outdoor Trash Receptacles

Furniture Leisure offers a wide selection of commercial outdoor trash receptacles that are designed to handle the most demanding environments in an attractive and durable way. We offer a huge selection of powder-coated outdoor trash cans in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to fit any type of location and design. Our selection includes stainless steel, plastic, fiberglass, concrete, and recycled plastics. Each with an assortment of great features such as a grab-bag system, locking doors, rain lids, integrated ashtrays, and easy maintenance liner. Furniture Leisure provides one-stop shopping for your trash receptacle needs! Our receptacles are ideal for parks, shopping centers, schools, universities, HOA communities, resorts, and any public areas. We provide high-quality receptacles designed to last and built to withstand all weather and vandalism while looking great too! So you can be sure that you are getting a solid investment with our commercial outdoor trash receptacles.

Trash cans are a must-have pairing for Picnic Tables, Benches, Outdoor Seating, and Pool Furniture. Be sure to check out our Commercial Zone Products to get a 1 year warranty!

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To maintain a clean environment that everyone will be able to enjoy, few things are more important than commercial outdoor trash cans. Choose from a wide assortment of trash can styles that are made using high-quality materials such as commercial plastic, concrete, stainless steel, wood, and even recycled plastic. You are sure to find commercial outdoor trash cans that keep the environment clean while also matching the surrounding area. Get specialized outdoor trash receptacles such as cigarette trash cans that feature an ash-catching lid, outdoor recycling receptacles to go 'green', or try a combination unit that will meet all trash collection needs for any commercial and public area. Many of our styles come with liners and a lid making Furniture Leisure your one-stop shop! Easy liner access and graffiti-resistant finishes ensure low-maintenance upkeep. Whether you need heavy-duty indoor plastic trash cans for your cafeteria and office spaces or weather-resistant commercial outdoor trash cans for your local parks and biking trails, our commercial garbage cans will help you control litter and maintain a beautiful, clean environment. To learn more about the commercial outdoor trash cans offered by Furniture Leisure, feel free to contact our friendly staff today.

Commercial Outdoor Trash Cans Make a Difference

Studies have repeatedly shown that the convenient placement of outdoor trash cans is one of the best ways to deter visitors from littering—especially in public places such as parks or walking trails. After all, nobody wants to visit a location that has been littered with cigarette butts, discarded fast food wrappers, and other junk. The presence of litter on the ground doesn’t just make your facility look bad but will also attract rodents and insects making it less likely to attract new and returning visitors.

At Furniture Leisure, we offer top brands like DCI, Witt, Smoker’s Outpost, Leisure Craft, and Webcoat to name a few that are dedicated to keeping any commercial space clean and clear of debris. These commercial outdoor trash cans offer a greater variety of options that are a perfect fit for churches, businesses, stadiums, malls, parks, shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants. Wonder where to start? follow our guidelines below to make the most out of your waste collection.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Outdoor Trash Receptacles

Smart placement of trash receptacles can ultimately have a huge impact on the overall beauty and cleanliness of your facility. It's ideal to always have a waste bin within 25 feet of common visitor areas such as picnic tables, food vendors, and playgrounds. This makes it so that walking over to throw away garbage doesn’t feel like an inconvenience. If people feel like they need to actively search to find a trash can, they’ll probably end up littering. Choose your indoor or outdoor trash cans in styles and colors that are highly visible to make them easier to spot.

In addition to convenient placement, it is vitally important to maintain a consistent schedule of emptying your commercial trash receptacles. We offer outdoor trash cans in multiple sizes to cater to different site needs. A larger capacity is recommended for high-traffic areas like malls, shopping centers, and busy parks while a smaller capacity is perfect for offices, pool houses, and hotel hallways. We keep maintenance simple with top-down access or side door access on our garbage cans. For odor control consider adding a domed-style lid with a push-door or a swing-door lid to your trash can.

The Furniture Leisure Advantage – Rugged Strength, Eye-catching styles, and great prices

Don't waste time and money constantly repairing or maintaining low-quality outdoor trash cans. At Furniture Leisure, our trash cans are designed to withstand various environmental hazards and constant daily use with time-tested resilience. Most of our trash receptacles come with lid styles that have been constructed using hot-dipped galvanized steel or heavy-duty commercial plastic. Our trash cans are available with either fire-safe galvanized steel liners or rigid plastic liners that control odors and germs.

Different trash can materials offer unique benefits for your facility. Plastic-coated steel trash receptacles are a great selection in areas prone to vandalism because they are easy to keep clean and spray paint can be wiped off. Wooden outdoor trash cans complement picnic tables and benches in parks and other natural locations. For additional security, mounting options are also available to prevent theft and vandalism. Some of our trash cans feature locking side access to prevent tampering. All of the commercial trash cans offered by Furniture Leisure are designed to hold up under heavy use while requiring little maintenance.

We also offer specialized outdoor trash receptacles to better meet the unique needs of your location. For example, we have an abundant number of receptacles styles designed for cigarette collection, as well as recycling trash cans. High-capacity trash cans are also available for areas that experience heavy foot traffic.

With custom logos and a wide variety of specialized accessories, our commercial trash cans are the perfect solution for keeping your property litter-free and showing off your branding. Colorful custom designs can be used to promote a sense of civic pride, share an important message, or advertisement for your business. Whatever styles your location needs, Furniture Leisure has something for you!

If you are in need of 4 or fewer units, take advantage of our quick-ship trash cans available for quicker delivery!


How can commercial outdoor trash receptacles be maintained?

Maintaining commercial outdoor trash receptacles is essential for keeping areas looking neat and promoting hygiene. Proper maintenance of a commercial outdoor trash receptacle includes regularly checking and emptying the receptacle, as well as hosing down the inside and outside to prevent rust and other wear and tear. In some cases, the receptacle may require a special cleaning solution and a soft brush to remove any marks, grime, and rust. Depending on the type of trash receptacle, different maintenance steps may be needed.  

For metal receptacles, clean any dirt, debris, mold, and grime with a mild detergent. If there are any scratches, dents, or chips, use rust-resistant paint to restore the damaged parts. In order to prevent rust, apply a sealant to the exterior to protect it from the elements.

Plastic containers require minimal maintenance. Clean any dirt or grime with a mild detergent and rinse off with a hose. If there are any scratches or dents, use a mild abrasive cleanser and damp cloth to gently scrub them out.

It is also important to check for clogs and overflowing trash which can lead to unpleasant odors. If a receptacle has become too full, empty it and clean the inside with a disinfectant or detergent to prevent the build-up of odors.

Maintenance of commercial outdoor trash receptacles is important because overflowing garbage and built-up garbage odors are an eyesore and can make people feel uncomfortable. Clean and maintained receptacles show respect for the environment and public spaces, and can even improve the local business environment.

How often do commercial outdoor trash receptacles need to be emptied?

This depends largely on their location and the volume of debris generated. Generally speaking, it is important to clear out waste from commercial outdoor trash receptacles on a regular basis in order to ensure safety and cleanliness. If the trash receptacle is in a high-traffic area, it may need to be emptied multiple times per week in order to prevent overflowing. For less populated areas, emptying the receptacle at least once a week should suffice.

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